The organizers of Primary Programming Olympiad 2014 believe that introducing a programming contest for elementary students with a healthy publicity will motivate them to rise interest in computer programming and science. There is no better place for the venue than Silicon Valley the metonym for the American high-technology sector. Becoming the “Best Primary Programmer of Silicon Valley” will be a unique opportunity for the students to study and work for in this magical field of science. cites that the shortage in computer science related jobs will be about 1 million by 2020. The total impact to the US economy is estimated to be about $500B. By 2020 our current 4th, 5th and 6th graders will be choosing college education and it is truly a national interest that they will be seriously considering to move in Computer Science related academic paths. Moreover, looking at the shortage of programmers by 2020, they will be able to sponsor their own education by creating some of the game-changing computer applications or designing the next disruptive innovation of that era.

Source: based on statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Science Foundation, College Board, Association of Computing Machinery,

Primary Programming Olympiad 2014 will be sponsored and organized by the parents of Sliver Oak Elementary students. It will be opened to any elementary students who can solve the given entry problem. Depending on the number applications the organizing committee will need sponsors to develop the contest from a local one-time event in 2014 to a nationwide annual event in the long-term. The mission of the parents is to find sponsors and equip Silver Oak Elementary with latest technology capable of facilitating such events.