1.       Applicants must solve the Entry Problem below to qualify.

2.       Applicants must attach the source code, in any programming language, as well as a written summary of the solution to the application.

3.       Applicants must send an email that includes the student’s name, date of birth, parent’s name, phone number, and the commented source code to by April 19, 2014. 

4.    Or fill out below Application Form by April 19, 2014. 


Choose a programming language you like and write a program meeting following requirements:

Problem Description

The task is to count the frequency of a character in any given text.


The user will able to type in a text.  After the text is inputted, the computer will ask for a character.


When a character is entered, the program will return with the number of occurrences of the character.  If the character is ‘x’ or ‘X’ the program will return with the frequency and exit.

Sample Input

> Enter text: Programming is real fun

> Character: a

Sample Output

> Character ‘a’ is found 2 time(s)

> Character ‘x’ is found 0 time(s) – exiting…